Woo Hoo! Storm passed two legs of her AKC Junior Hunt Test. Each “leg” of the Junior Hunt Test requires the dog to receive a qualifying score (a passing score) after performing two land and two water retrieves.  The dog is evaluated on its ability to mark (see and remember) a fall, retrieve it, and deliver it to the handler (holding the bird until the handler takes it).  At the Junior Hunter level, the AKC requires that during each test, one of the marks be a shot flyer. In order to be awarded the Junior Hunter Title (JH), the dog must pass  four legs.

 Storm ran and passed two legs toward her JH Title over this past weekend.  This is the way the test was set up for the first land mark on Saturday.  It was the shot flyer and it was about 75 yards out.  

First Land Mark
First Land Mark on Saturday


 And some video.      


Here is the second land mark.  It was not as long, but was a bit of a challenge because it landed in some higher grass right in front of a pond.      

Second Land Mark
Second Land Mark on Saturday
The water on Saturday were nice marks in a little pond.  The first required the dog to find the mark in some weeds and the second required swimming to the far bank of the pond.  The water on Sunday was a bit of a challenge.  The pond was quite large and required a lot of swimming.  The first mark was about 25 yards off to the right of the start point, and the second mark was thrown off an island in the middle of the pond and required a long swim. 
I have pictures of both day’s water tests.
First Water Mark Saturday
First Water Mark Saturday

Second Water Mark Sunday
Second Water Mark Sunday
Finally, here is a slide show of Storm in the field.

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