While we were on vacation, we received a lot of great feed back on our post titled Traveling First Aid For Dawgs.  We appreciate all of the comments.  I wasn’t able to reply to them while I was gone, so I thought I would do a follow-up.  I posed the question: What is in the box?

What Is In There?

snoopy@snoopysdogblog  guessed that the box was full of food.  Good guess Snoops, but it is our first aid kit.  Rest assured Snoopy we have another, bigger, bag for the food.  😉

First Aid Supplies

Anna  mentioned that she had the exact same ammo box for her first aid kit!  😆 Great minds!  She also noticed that we had Betadine Scrub as part of our kit.  Wow good eye!  Yes that is part of our kit and I inadvertently left it off the list.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Betadine Scrub would be used as a scrub either for hands or it can can be used in a pre-op situation.

thatjenk  said that her kit was quite small by comparison because it was used in the back country and included dog treats.  We also have another smaller kit in a water proof box that is used when duck hunting in a boat.  Space is quite limited so that just has a few essentials.  I have heard some argue that one of the essentials should be duct tape.  🙂

Earlier this week we posted about the 2 brown dawgs going Grouse Hunting.

Thunder Trying To Find Those Birds

Bert  and his Vickie noticed that Thunder had a double collar on and it wasn’t on in other pictures and wondered why he had two and the purpose of the double collar.  Good eye you two!

Thunder in Storm have several collars.  (Don’t all well dressed dawgs?)  When ever they are out training in a park, walking through the forest, or hunting, they always have an identification collar on them.  They are both chipped, but we also like them to have id tags.  When they are upland hunting or just walking through the forest they always have on an orange collar with tags.  Since they are brown, we don’t want them to be mistaken for an animal other than a dog.  In Michigan, bow season is open for white tail deer.  Wouldn’t want someone to mistake a brown dawg running through pine trees for a deer.  🙂

If you look close at the next picture, Storm is wearing two collars.  This picture was taken on another day.


The other collar that both dogs are wearing is an e-collar.   Whenever the dogs are hunting off lead they are on e-collars.  We use the e-collar for insurance should they get so wrapped up that they ignore a whistle recall or they are headed for danger, (say a road, or water with dangerous ice, or to chase a deer or coyote).  They are good hunting partners, so the e-collar is rarely used, as I said, it is insurance.

We have two e-collars that work off of one controller.  One is orange and one is black.  The black one is used for duck hunting because you don’t want to broadcast to those duckies that you are there by wearing a bright orange collar.  This picture of Storm is from last season.  She is wearing two collars, camouflage with an id tag and the black e-collar.


And one of Thunder from last week.  You can just barely see the camouflage collar and the black e-collar.


And can you believe that the 2 brown dawgs also have a third style collar that they use when training in parks or other public areas?  It is bright green and has a name plate right on the collar.  No tags when training.  They wear that and an e-collar when training.

Thunder Training

I think in some of the pictures, the black e-collar on Storm is just not visible against her dark fur.  However, I understand that some others were taken at the end of hunting and the e-collars were removed, (it was a hot day and those have to be snug so they came off as soon as reasonable and safe).  Good detective work Bert and Vickie.  🙂  Hope that long explanation answers your questions.

Yesterday we shared Thunder’s news.  Many were hoping for pictures.  So are we.  🙂

The weather has turned rainy and I believe it is supposed to be windy tomorrow.  Thunder is going to try his luck at Fishpoint.  According to the report, there aren’t a ton of birds, but maybe the weather will bring some more in and just maybe Thunder will get a few birds!

Have a nice weekend!

19 thoughts on “Some Follow Up

  1. That is so interesting about the collars! Thank you for sharing that, I am always learning something new here!

  2. Nice follow-up! And if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, you made some background changes. I like the new look.

    Now my question is, when can you give me lessons in technology? LOL

    1. Thanks Jodi. I did make some changes, but who knows how long they will last?…lol. I get bored and may still make more changes. (If I can figure out what I want and how to do it.)

      As for lessons, I make changes very much through trial and error. I am afraid that I would be a poor teacher. 🙂

  3. Those readers have a good eye. I enjoyed reading about the double collars. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing the stuff on the collars I had a blonde moment and didn’t even realize they shouldn’t wear tags cause it makes so much noise lol
    Im about to get Fred one with our phone number embroidered on it cause his tags are so noisy.

    1. Its not exactly the noise. Tags can get caught on things (so can collars for that matter). In a perfect world they would make cloth buckle collars which have the tags bolted right on them (like their green collars). However, as far as I know they don’t make those. When they are going to be wearing their collars for a longer time while hunting, we prefer cloth buckle collars. The only way to get tags on those is to hang them, unfortunately.

  5. Hi Guys,

    I’m so happy to hear you have an even bigger bag for your food!! Woohoo!! Always gotta make sure the foods taken care of – Tee Hee

    Have a fun weekend buddies,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  6. That was a fascinating post! Loved finding out more about Thunder & Storm’s collars – and their different functions & roles. The e-collar was also used back in NZ, although it causes a lot of “knee-jerk” reactions from a lot of people who don’t really understand how this sort of training works. I like how you addressed it very upfront & honestly, I personally don’t have any objections to particular training tools – as long as they are used correctly and under the guidance of an experienced dog handler/trainer – but I think it’s a great shame that so many people just fixate on specific training tools and blame that for everything when a lot of the time, it is much more about the basic dog handling skills & natural authority (& consistency, timing, persistence, etc) of the humans in question.

    By the way, we’ve just had a reader ask a question about having 2 pups simultaneously (our latest post – Ask Honey #11) and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I don’t know if you have raised 2 pups at the same time but you do have 2 dogs and I don’t actually have experience of handling 2 dogs myself. But I hope what I said in reply was fair and reasonable.


    1. Hi Hsin-Yi! Thanks for stopping by. You are absolutely right that e-collar should only be used by those who know how to use it correctly and can only be used to reenforce a concept the dog already knows. We definitely sought out an experienced trainer to help us use it in our training.

      I thought your answers )to both questions) were very good. 🙂

  7. Wow! You are so super organized. I do not know if I could keep track of so many collars. Very impressive and informative. I would never have thought to have various ones for different situations. You said to 2browndawgs you may not be a very good teacher but you make for an excellent teacher. I am always making discoveries here! : )

  8. *swoon* I LOVE the new look of your blog! We are in the process of making some big changes too.

    I enjoy reading about how hunting dogs live because it is so removed from our world. However, we can relate on the first aid kit. We always take one hiking but really I just add extra supplies to my own first aid kit since most things work for both dogs and humans.

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