Yesterday Thunder’s daughter Smokey made a trip to the reproductive vet to have an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy.  I tagged along and took a few pictures with my cell phone.

Hey What Are They Going To Do To Me?
This Doesn't Seem Dignified
Tickles A Little
More Puppies

Yep, its confirmed.  Smokey is indeed pregnant.  The ultrasound was done past the time where they can get an accurate count because the pups are too big, but the vet counted at least 9!  Yikes!

I Knew It All Along

I have put a page up of puppy information if you know anyone interested.  It looks like it will be a bigger litter than expected.  🙂  The due date is November 24, 2011, but could very well be sooner.  So now the waiting really begins.

More info Here and Here

Everyone at the clinic was very nice and tolerated my snapping pictures for the blog, (wish I had taken my real camera…darn!)  Here are a few of the actual ultrasound pictures.  Thanks to Cindy for letting me post them and thanks for letting me tag along.

Can you see puppies?

More on our visit next week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

42 thoughts on “Its Confirmed!

  1. Yay!! Congratulations! I am so jealous that you were able to go and see the ultrasound!!
    The litter that Sherman has sired is due around November 20th!! The breeder is expecting a large litter too!!!

    1. How exciting that you will have Grand-babies too soon. There was a bit of business that involved Thunder which I hope to write about next week.

  2. It’s so amazing what technology provides for us. Back in the day we would have waited to see how many puppies came out, now we know!

    You must be super excited, I can’t wait to see the pups.

  3. Wow Thunder, you are going to be a grandmom! Congratulations! You are having so exiting time!
    All the best! xxx Teje & Nero

  4. That is very cool – I’ve never seen a dog ultrasound before (lots of human ones wind up on Facebook, but never any pets… odd…).

    Though, my eyes aren’t trained, and I doubt I could pick between a dog and human ultrasound in any event.

    Congrats to Smokey – the next 21 days will fly by for all, I’m sure!

    1. Actually on the monitor it was really easy to see the pups, (not as easy on the pictures). There was one pup that appeared to be looking right at us, but I don’t think there is a picture of that.

  5. Congratulations Cindy and Smokey!! She looks SOOOOO much like Beau!!! Can’t wait to see some pictures of the puppies!!

  6. Well I’ll be diggared, I can’t see no puppies but I am more than willing to take your word for it. You know if you need a puppy sitter, I’d hop on a plane if My Vickie would let me and come right out to help.

    I love little critters. We don’t usually get to play with the little tiny ones until they are 12 weeks old here. Some rule about vaccinations and such.

    Congrats though… are gonna have such a good time.


  7. Hi Y’all!

    That is sooooo excitin’! I know y’all just can’t wait!

    Y”all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Yes, Storm I read all about your “bad day grouse hunting” 😉 Your Humans reminded me, isn’t that just like Humans?

  8. congratulations on your upcoming litter, I can’t wait for puppy pictures. You timed it just right. They should be at the perfect age to help you open Christmas presents next month.

    1. I’d like to take credit, but this is a SRR littler. I will pass on the congrats. 🙂 I think the pups will be ready to go in January…just in time for potty training in the dead of winter. 😉

  9. Know what’s more fun than a puppy??? NINE PUPPIES!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  10. So exciting! So glad we got to come along via cell phone! Can’t wait for the next installment! Congratulations!

  11. That is great news…:-)…I absolutely love performing pregnany ultrasound checks on dogs and cats. It is amazing to see them wiggling around. Have you placed your bets on how many puppies you are expecting?

    1. The vet saw nine, but it was too far along to get an accurate count. The main thing was to just see puppies. The breeder had a blood test done and it came up that no pregnancy!

  12. Puddleuppies X 9- yippee! That’s going to be one busy mama. Hope they all find good homes. The ultrasound pics were cool.

  13. How fascinating! Thank you for taking us along with you – us “ordinary” pet owners would never get to see this kind of thing usually so it’s a real treat! Although I have to say, I can’t make out anything in the ultrasound pictures – ha! ha! I also though Smokey was amazing to just let you all flip her like that and lie on her back so vulnerable while people were doing strange things to her tummy – and remain so calm during it – even before I read all about her on the puppy page, I thought, “This dog must have a fantastuc temperament!”

    That is a fantastic puppy page too! I really wish – I really think all breeders SHOULD be obliged to produce a page like that about each of their litters!! It is so impressive what each of the dogs has achieved and I love how they each have working/dogsports titles as well as the conformation ones – usually, you only ever see dogs being bragged to have titles for “being the most beautiful” but rarely do they have titles to prove their temperaments and their ABILITIES as dogs too. I think it’s such a shame. I heard that in Germany, all GSD’s have to have a Schutzhund title before they can be bred. I think ALL breeds should have this mandatory requirement of BOTH types of titles before they are allowed to be bred – and if they don’t have a history of working (eg. Toy Group), then they should have a Therapy Dog certificate or Canine Good Citizen certificate instead of a working title, to prove their temperaments, etc. After all, if your history is a lapdog then you’d better be able to show that you’re a damn good lapdog!! 😉

    I’m so impressed by both the father & mother’s temperaments that I’m almost tempted to have one of their puppies – ha! ha! – except for the fact that I could never cope with their energy requirements – I like a dog that is lazy most of the time but able to do occasional athletic things – can go on a 3hr hike but won’t chew up the house if you can’t take it joggin every day – and doesn’t need constant mental stimulation to prevent it designing its own mischief…which is why the Great Dane suits our lifestyle so well! 😀


    1. This has been a busy week and I am just now getting around to replying to comments! We are very lucky with Chessies in that they are supposed to be a dual purpose breed. Going easily from the show ring to the field. Most Chessies are used as hunting dogs and many breeders that show dogs do so because they are breeding for structurally correct hunting dogs. In a working dog, structure is important to maximize use of energy and minimize risk of injury. Maybe one day soon I will do a post on this topic. 🙂

      Smokey has a fantastic temperament and is smart as a whip. That is why we are so very interested in this breeding. 🙂

      You know every once in a while, you get a Chessie who is a couch potato. 🙂 We just always ask for the one with a lot of drive which equals energy to spare.

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