The weather for training was so nice on Saturday that all of the puppies got a chance to swim in the big pond.  Once Freighter figured it out, he had the best time!

The Puppies Are Cautious At First


Carefully Going In


Freighter Got The Bumper


Going For Another One




Good Boy


Off Again


Almost There


Freighter Has It


Good Boy!


You Did Good Freighter

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Monday Mischief

22 thoughts on “Monday Mischief–Swimming

  1. Hey Freighter, Jet here. What an AWESOME swimming hole… great for practicing. I have a yucky, smelly canal, with ducks, underwater swimming things and Mom says these icky snake things and she won’t let me go unless I escape… She does let me swim in the pool though…. 🙂

  2. Freighter is a real super star! I love the proud look on his face. I remember when I learned how to swim – I fell into a pond and had to start paddling for dear life! Now I love fetching sticks from teh water so much my human sometimes think I’m a retriever not a mountain doggie *waggy tail*

  3. It looks like a great pond. Delilah would 1) eat tons of poop and 2) be chasing the geese. So tell me how you train dogs who fetch birds not to chase them?

    Looks like Freighter’s off to a great start!! He’s going to be a great retriever.

    1. Those are all decoys. The trainer leaves them out so for the dogs won’t be bothered by them at a test or while hunting. 🙂 As far as keeping the dogs from chasing geese…eventually they understand their jobs and have good recall.

  4. Looks like Freighter was in his element in the water! He’s a credit to you.

  5. The weather is lovely here as well! We spent all weekend outdoors.
    I wish I had taught Kyuss to swim as a pup. He still can’t swim.. he can float while flailing about vertically in the water, but that’s about it!

    Great photos!

  6. What a beautiful lake for swimming fun, learning to swim and getting the bumper all in one afternoon. It looks like Freighter had a great time and did a great job bringing in the bumpers. Great job Freighter!

  7. i’m so impressed that freighter seems to care not about the ducks and the ducks seem uninterested in freighter. i think if desmond were willing to go into the water for more than 7 seconds, he’d chase the ducks. it would be chaos. wet and noisy chaos. lol

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