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Calling All Trick Or Treaters

Next week’s This ‘N That Thursday falls on Halloween so we will have a special Halloween Edition of This ‘N That Thursday.

Grab the badge, your costume, a pumpkin, bag or treats, or even a ghost story or two and join the hop next Thursday.

TNT Halloween

Remember TNT can be about anything at all!

We also have a give away for everyone who participates in next week’s Halloween Edition of TNT.  What would a Halloween party be without a party favor or two?

20131023-Give Away 2
2 cup size Pop Ware collapsible bowl and a Halloween spider stuffy.

All you have to do to enter is join the hop next week.  I will be picking one winner at random after the hop closes.

Spidey Likes The Bowl
Spidey Likes The Bowl

So make sure you come back next week and add your link to the linky.  The linky will open on 10-31-13 and close on 11-2-13.  Should be a screaming good time!

No Freighter the toy is not for you.
No Freighter the toy is not for you.


You may have noticed that I am now linking to my Instagram account from my sidebar.  I have Instagram linked to the blog’s facebook page and twitter.  I hope it will be an easy and quick way to post pictures from my phone.

Last weekend I used Instagram to post a picture of Freighter with the vacuum.  He has not been a fan of the machine since he was a puppy.  He would bark and try to bite it.  I have been working on him getting over it for a very long time and last weekend he finally gave up and quietly followed behind me as I vacuumed.

I guess it isn't that terrible.
I guess I don’t need to attack the intruder.

Yahoo!  Success!


Hubby took this picture of a sunset while he was out hunting last weekend.  He used the new camera.  I love the way it came out.  Our old pocket camera would not have been able to capture this image.


Follow-up Friday

There were a few questions this week about the area they were hunting.  Tomorrow I will try to answer them and I found a video which explains all about the history of Fish Point and how it is managed.

And that wraps up this week’s TNT.  Thanks to everyone who joins the hop!

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29 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. Is that sunset photo “natural”? No touchups or effect? wow I love it! And I love the popware bowls…they’re just so convenient…No Instagram here…one day I’ll make my phone “smart” and give it a try…it does look like a lot of fun

  2. My little sister Bailie would love to have that spider stuffie. I will tell her to get working on a blog post in her mind, I can paw it out for her on the computer. We have instagram on the ipad but not on our phone. Hopefully we can get it on the phone soon, I know Mom would use it a lot.

  3. Hi Y’all!

    Love the pictures! Love vacuums! Oh how I love it when my Human finally takes my hint (throwing myself upside down on the floor in front of the vacuum) and runs it ALL over ME!!! Ohhhh…YES!!! Ecstasy!

    As for Instagram…my Human got a new phone but hasn’t figured how to get pictures off it to her computer. The writer won’t let me put my watermark on my pictures if I pull them off the web. She can’t get them off her phone…period…BOL!!! She’s so silly! She can’t make anything work together! BOL!!!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. does your phone have a sd card, do you have a sd adapter to put the mini card into then into your computer to get the photos off? so if you put the usb cord into the computer it doesn’t automatically sync? I plug in my usb cord then I go into the file explorer and find the usb cord in the list then open up the pictures and copy them and paste them into a folder.

    1. I am going to leave the hop open through Saturday so feel free to join another day or even just join with your review/give away. You don’t have to add the badge. Its all for fun!

  4. I’m excited about next week’s hop, I guess I need a trip to the dollar store. 🙂

    Good job with reconditioning Freighter with the vacuum, Sampson is still not a big fan if I get too close to him while I’m vacuuming. Delilah could care less.

    Beautiful photo, I am really digging that camera!! Thanks for hosting the hop.

  5. Wow! What a GREAT shot of the sunset!! Between you & Jodi, I’m jealously coveting one of those cameras! BUT hubby would either shoot me or divorce me if I bought yet another new camera — I just bought a new one last year!! (((Sigh))) 🙁

    Looking forward to next week’s Halloween Hop! I have to go buy some fabric to make bandanas for the girls. No costumes for them. Ducky will be called “Yoda” next week at the daycare party…those ears of hers are close enough “for gummint work”.

  6. Halloween edition, how scary. I can’t wait! So glad Freighter got over his fear of the vacuum, I have some brown dogs that do the same thing. Gambler attacked it once and tore his toe nail right off, it is still trying to grow back. Lovely sunset.

    1. oh can anyone do instagram or do you have to have a iphone to do it. I just have a android. If can do with a android might have to ask you how you linked everything up and what is the purpose of instagram?

  7. Silas has the other reaction to the vacuum–he hides in the laundry room and shakes. Poor guy. I’m just happy he lets me sweep now without biting at the broom.

  8. We don’t do costumes for Halloween, but will try to come up with another idea so we can join in!

    Good job with Freighter and the vacuum. Our two girls don’t like it, but they just clear the room, they don’t want to get close enough to try biting it! Kobi just ignores it….you could run him over with it and he wouldn’t care.

    Love the sunset photo!

  9. Oh yay Freighter good for you! Donna just avoids the vaccum when it is on… avoid… avoid… avoid… oh it’s coming, let’s go the other way… avoid… I guess it’s lucky I’m starting to get Donna used to wearing her new bow tie… so we can maybe have some costume pics for next week’s Halloween edition 😛 LOL let’s see how it goes…

  10. Isn’t it funny – every time I come to catch up, it falls on a “This & That Thursday”?! 😉 Love the sound of your Hallowe’en blog event – must remember to pop over & check it out!

    Hsin-Yi & Slobbers from Honey

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