Normally when I go along with hubby to a class or training and I am taking pictures, I try to stay in the background.  Usually, I am off to the side messing with my camera or sometimes holding a dog while hubby is busy with something else.

Sometimes it works for me and other times, not so much.

Training Aid?

Last Monday we got to the class a little early so I was holding Freighter while hubby was paying the class fee and chatting with some friends.  Freighter was a handful as usual.  It has been a long winter, so when he gets out, he is raring to go!

Happy Freighter Thinking Of Treats
Happy Freighter Thinking Of Treats

A woman with a young Brittany also got to class early.  Perhaps she wanted to get the dog comfortable with the building before the class.  Not a bad idea.

The only problem is that it seemed like Freighter and I were the training aid.  The building where we train is a nice size, but most of it is taken up by the rings where the classes are held.  There is a walkway and chairs along the wall which is where I was sitting with Freighter.  There is not much room to work a dog outside the rings.  It seems like even less room when every time the Brittany passed by Freighter, it lunged and barked at him.

Freighter Waiting For Class To Start
Freighter Waiting For Class To Start

The dog’s handler must have walked that dog by us half a dozen or maybe 8 times and each time the dog lunged and barked at Freighter.  I understand wanting to work on manners, but it would have been nice to ask if it was OK or if I had any issue with it.

So what did Freighter do?  He did not react to the dog at all.  He kind of looked at him, as if he was thinking: “what is your problem?”  Otherwise he just stood there.  I know hubby has been working really hard with Freighter on his show manners and it looks like it is paying off.  Good job hubby and Freighter!

Helpful Advice?

The class finally started and there was a nice turn out.  Hubby and Freighter got in the ring to work.  Freighter is doing well.  He is moving much better and tuning his head toward the bait less.  Hubby is now working on slowing him down a bit.  The class instructor has been extremely helpful.

Nice Job Freighter
Nice Job Freighter

I was sitting to the side, snapping a few pictures of hubby stacking Freighter so that he could look at them later to see if there were areas to pay attention to or improve.  I was also taking some fun candids, and a few of Freighter moving.  I already have quite a few pictures of Freighter in Conformation Class so I wasn’t worried about taking a lot of photos.  I really just wanted to watch the class, (and the puppy class in the next ring).

All at once a woman walking past spotted my camera and started firing off questions at me: What did I have my camera set on?  Was I getting any good pictures?  What did I have my ISO set on?

I was a bit surprised and didn’t really answer.  She asked again.  Clearly she was not going to move until I said something.  I told her I had the ISO set to “auto”.  She kind of laughed at that.  Then she wanted to know my F-stop setting, (which I set myself).  Then she basically demanded to see my last several pictures.

OK if it will make you move along because I really want to watch the class.  I showed her a few pictures which she poo-pooed.

This Was One Of The Pictures I Showed
This Was One Of The Pictures I Showed

She then informed me that she was a professional photographer and took pictures of agility dogs.  She continued that if I wanted “good” pictures then I should set my camera to such-and-such because that is the way she did it.

Well OK.  I mumbled “thank you” and she finally moved on.  The whole exchange was a bit odd, but I am still learning so I tried her suggested settings.  There is no camera shake, but I feel like the images are too dark.  I like bright pictures so I don’t have to spend a ton of time retouching them.  I know I get some camera shake when the dog moves, but I am photographing a dark brown dog and I like to see the face so it is trade-off.

Freighter Moving Toward Me
Freighter Moving Toward Me
Around The Ring
Around The Ring

What do you think?

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28 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes–Staying In The Background

  1. I am 99 percent sure I know who you are talking about lol. I like your first pictures better 🙂 One of these days I am going to be a creep and show up at conformation class with Kelinn or Jeni just so I can meet you!

    1. That would be great! I’d love to meet a fellow blogger!

      Although we are hoping the snow will finally go away for good and then we will be spending a lot of time in the field. We have a hunt test in May and the dogs have not been in the water since last Fall! We are going to have a lot of ground to make up if the ponds ever open!

  2. The last two pictures are definitely darker. I don’t like dull, dark pictures myself so I’m with you on that.

    I’m sure I’ll be as dumbstruck as you as well with regards to the lady asking question about your camera. It’s amazing what you can get people to do when you just bulldoze your way through like she did. I would be absolutely fuming though, once she left. 😛 But that’s me.

    Good job freighter 😉

    1. I am not good at reciting numbers and settings when I am in my own little world watching the dogs. I am sure she was trying to help, it was just a bit odd the way she went about it…lol.

  3. Aren’t people something?! I definitely prefer the photos you took with your own settings. And the rude woman with the Brittany? Maybe she didn’t know better, but I can’t imagine not saying something to you. Good job, Freighter, for not reacting!

  4. Don’t understand a word re the camera but we like your pictures better so ya boo sucks to the professional?????? Glad Freighter has better manners than some. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly. I was pretty proud of Freighter especially since he only had a show lead on and I am never sure how strong those things are.

  5. Don’t you love the know it all types! Mom tries more and more to use manual mode but with motion, the pics are sometimes dark, so she lightens them on the computer. She prefers to do that rather than having the motion blur. I think it is a personal preference. It is so nice that you and hubby work together with the dogs. Bailie says several dogs in her obedience class come with both parents but the dads never participate. The sit on the sidelines and play with their phones all the time.

    1. With lighter dogs I think lightening them works really well. With brown, I get grainy browns and I don’t like it so much and poor facial details. If I could figure out how to lighten without the grainy then I might have something…lol. I mostly sit on the side taking pictures so I take no credit for the training. 🙂

  6. Great job Freighter! We do not go to classes but we do go to the dog trail to walk. Prince does not react to a dog unless they react to him then it is game on so we would have had a problem with the Brittany.
    I really think your pictures look better. Nadie is black so I completely understand the difficulties of photographing dark dogs. It is much harder to get a great shot of her than it is with Prince since he is so much lighter!
    As always, wonderful pictures and post!

  7. I have the same issue photographing black horses….a big challenge. I like the forth photo. It has a bit of motion blur at his feet but I like that look. I use NIK software for after photo processing. It is pretty easy and fast to use. Especially if you need to just lighten up a face instead of the whole photo.

  8. Personally I think both people you referred to in this post are very rude! First off, the one that walked her dog passed you and the dog kept lunging at you. How rude!!! I know when I had problems with Mikas leash manners, and someone with a dog would want to come up and say hello, I would always tell them of her leash manners, and ask if we could do a couple things to try and work on that. I would never just continuously walk past someone if my dog kept lunging at them. Very rude.
    Second, I like your photos better. I like bright, as you said.And I find it rude she was demanding to look at your photo’s and assumed you wanted her opinion about photography. What she should have done if she wanted to get her 2 cents in, is say wow, your photo’s are great, let me know if you would like any pointers, and I’d be glad to help. That would have been much less offensive then just stating what she “knows” and how to things the “right” way.
    Anyways, maybe that is just me. haha! BOL!!!!
    Anyways, Love your photos and it looks like you guys had a great time regardless! Have a pawsome day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Good for you sweet Freighter you have learned well and you did fantastic while that dog kept trying to aggravate you. Your pictures are always amazing and I think you should not make any changes in the way you take them. In my opinion that free “professional” advice was not needed. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Oh the joy of unsolicited advice! I am definitely a “snapshot shooter” while my husband takes the serious and posed pics. If someone asked me what the camera was set on, I could honestly say “I have no idea, I just press the button!” It seems like perhaps she was trying to gain you as a customer… Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  11. I always like your photos and I think you showed great restraint. I probably would have either got up and walked away from her or said something rude. You know me, so you also probably would know what I would have said. 😉

    Delilah is like Storm, that Brittany would have had a face full of chocolate and not in a good way. 😉

  12. Oh geez I hate people like that! What part of “I’m busy” do they not understand?! She sounds like my Dad’s former 2nd wife…a total pain in the a$$ with a “it’s my way or the highway” attitude to boot! Well, I know where I would’ve put my boot!! But then I never did learn how to NOT say exactly what I think. LOL! So, now you know what I think of the “professional” photographer. Personally, I like your way MUCH better because it works for you. Plus, I like my pix to be brighter, too, especially when I’m trying to get a facial expression on my dog’s face.

  13. I like your pics too! Brighter is better! What I don’t like is RUDE people. What nerve that woman had to poo-poo your pics! Annoying. If she’s trying to sell her own services, is she familiar w/ the phrase “attract more flies with honey”? Geez. And the other gal too – she should have asked if you minded her running her lunging dog past you! What a good boy Freighter was. (Wish I could run Rita past him a few times…) 🙂 But I would ask first…

  14. Nice work Freighter! Aren’t you getting good? Millie could learn a thing or two from you!
    As for the photographer lady, pssht, how rude! Personally, I think the photos that you took are better. As a ‘professional’ photographer she should know there is no right or wrong way to photograph a subject. I’d make a point of showing her your light, bright and in focus pics taken on auto.
    Alright I wouldn’t because I am a scaredy cat, but you know what I mean!
    Congrats both of you on not snapping at rude people invading your space!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  15. Hi Y’all!

    Thanks so much for your suggestion on linking. My Human really appreciated it. I do too.

    As for the pictures…her settings are too dark for the lighting. Like yours better.

    As for the lady with the Brittany, I think my teacher ought to have been there to straighten that lady out! One day before my big snip thingy, I was laying there waiting for the class to start. Most people were there already and the handlers were all chatting. In comes some woman with a mixed breed and lets it walk right up to me and start sniffin’ me. The teacher/trainer was there and she yelled at that woman! Told her to get her dog away from a “whole dog” and told her how rude she was to allow her dog to sniff me. Also told her that was a good way to get her dog attacked. Me, I’m like Freighter, I just lay there and watched the whole thing unfold. My Human never said a word either.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  16. I like the first images better. Part of it is just the angle at which they were shot, part of it is that they aren’t as dark. Sometimes people only have one thing going for them in their lives, so they must be that one thing every, single second. I’m sorry she cornered you!

    As for the Brittany’s handler, the polite thing would have been to ask if it was okay. I have had folks use my dog that way before, but they always asked. What if Freighter hadn’t been so steady? She could have had a dog fight on her hands. No good.

  17. Wowzers, some people have balls. I like your picture the first one better 😀 And what is with the Brittany lady another person that has balls. Freighter is looking really good.

  18. Oh my goodness, people are just so rude and think nothing of it. If that “professional” photographer wanted to give you some tips she could have politely asked you if you wanted any! I definitely like your photos better… where the last two are darker you can’t see the features on Freighter’s face.

  19. I definitely think that person should’ve asked before using Freighter as a training tool – but awesome that Freighter had no reaction at all!
    That photographer interaction is weird. Did she just come over to you to assert her expertise? I don’t get it. I’m with you – dark pictures are no good for my dogs and require more editing on the computer, which doesn’t always look great.

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