Happy 8th Birthday Thunder!

20140309-Thunder 8th Birthday

Thunder’s turns eight years old today.  He is officially a senior although most of the time, he doesn’t act it.  The above picture was taken last Saturday as he jumped a snow pile to retrieve a bumper.

Eight years can sure fly by.  It seems like just yesterday he came to live with us.

Thunder 8 Weeks Old

Thunder 8 Weeks Old

Was he ever this small?

Thunder's Litter--They all look the same color, but grew up to be various shades of brown.

Thunder’s Litter Day 1–Photo Credit Shiloh Ridge Retrievers

We have had so many firsts with Thunder.

He was our first puppy.

Thunder's First Swim (not quite three months old)

Thunder’s First Swim (not quite three months old)

The first dog hubby trained to hunt pheasant

Thunder On A Pheasant Hunt At 9 Months Old

Thunder On A Pheasant Hunt At 9 Months Old

and then ducks

Thunder Hunting Saginaw Bay 2013

Thunder Hunting Saginaw Bay 2013

and then grouse.

Grouse Hunting 2011

Grouse Hunting 2011

Thunder was the first dog hubby entered and showed in a dog show

Thunder Major Win From the 12 to 18 Month Class 5-18-2007

Thunder Major Win From the 12 to 18 Month Class 5-18-2007

and handled to a Championship.

Thunder's Championship Photo

Thunder’s Championship Photo-May 2009

He was the first dog we trained to run hunt tests.

Thunder earned his Junior Hunter title

Thunder First Junior Hunter Pass 2007

Thunder’s First Junior Hunter Pass 2007

and then we took a long break from hunt test training.  In late 2010 we got back to it and in 2011, Thunder earned his AKC Senior Hunter title (passing 4 of 5) and his HRC Seasoned Hunter title (passing 3 of 4).

2011 New AKC Senior Hunter And HRC Seasoned Hunter

2011 New AKC Senior Hunter And HRC Seasoned Hunter

He also earned his Working Dog Qualified Certificate from the American Chesapeake Club.

Thunder WDQ

Thunder Running The WDQ In 2012

We were total novices to training dogs to run hunt tests.  We trained mostly after work and in local parks so a lot of what Thunder accomplished was because of his ability rather than our training.

He is an AKC Canine Good Citizen

Thunder's CGC

Thunder With His CGC Certificate 2009

and sired two litters of his own.

Thunder Tule Puppies 2008--Photo Credit Shiloh Ridge Retrievers

Thunder and Tule Puppies 2008–Photo Credit Shiloh Ridge Retrievers

Thunder and Red Puppies 2012

Thunder and Red Puppies 2012–Photo Credit First Light Kennels

We have traveled to hunt tests

Seasoned Pass 2011

Seasoned Pass 2011

and the Nationals.

Thunder At The ACC National Specialty Show In 2009

Thunder At The ACC National Specialty Show In 2009

He runs hard


Thunder 2013

and makes a big splash.

Thunder 2013

Thunder 2013

But most of all, Thunder has been hubby’s best duck hunting buddy.

Jim And Thunder

Jim And Thunder

Happy 8th Birthday Big Boy!

I have a little party planned for him so come back next week for pictures.

Have a nice weekend!

42 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday Thunder!

  1. crazystacey

    That’s a lot of firsts and alot of memories. Happy Birthday, Thunder! Don’t worry about the Senior title big boy … you still look awesome :)

  2. Sand Spring Chesapeakes

    Happy Birthday Thunder, I hope you have many many more. That is a whole lot of first, made me tear up as a lot of them were my first with Norman. Something about those boys and their firsts with you and as they get older they mean so much more and you just want to hug those senior dogs up. I wouldn’t consider Thunder a senior out in the field he looks amazing!

  3. lexy3587

    You guys might have been total novices at the training you did with him, but clearly he’d decided to help you out and take you along for the ride :) Have a fun bday celebration!

  4. SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

    What great memories of Thunder you have. He’s such a handsome guy…right from that puppy picture on. I can tell he has a special place in your hearts – I hope he has a great birthday today and many more to come!

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  6. Maeve Heneke

    Happy birthday, Thunder! Love from Rolo, 11 and Annabel, nearly 10 ( chocolate Labs in London, UK.).

  7. Jan K

    Happy Birthday, Thunder!! What a fun and full life he is having! He doesn’t look like a senior at all….he looks great. The baby photos adorable.

  8. M. K. Clinton

    Wow, what an amazing 8 years Thunder! Bentley is seven and i refuse to think of eight as being a senior dog. That makes me too sad to consider what the title of senior means. I hope you and your husband have at least another with years with your boy! Have the happiest of birthdays. I love his camo!

  9. Martha Jewell

    Great journey for all of you! Many more happy days. No way a “senior” dog, except in household rank :~) The bed
    story tells it all!

  10. pawedblog

    Aww sorry I’m late but I hope you had the loveliest day Thunder! Being a senior, just means you’re extra awesome…which we already knew anyway!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  11. Hawk aka BrownDog

    Hi Y’all!

    Happy Belated Birthday Thunder! That was a wonderful tribute to you.

    I turn 8 in a couple of weeks. Eight is way too young to slow down! You Go Thunder!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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