Tuesday morning we work up to this:

20140415-SnowYep.  More snow.

In fact with that heavy wet snow, we broke the seasonal snowfall record that was set in 1880-81.  Blech!

Of course Storm and Freighter didn’t mind.

Synchronized Sniffing
Synchronized Sniffing
Nice Crisp Morning
Nice Crisp Morning

Thankfully, the sun is warm enough so that the snow did not stick around long.  I also noticed that the grass is starting to turn green.  A sure sign of Spring.

Another sign of Spring…these crazy geese that were hanging out on the roof of my office and honking down at me.

Can't You Give Us Some Privacy!
Can’t You Give Us Some Privacy!

Where was Thunder during all of this?

He had a sleepover at his breeder’s house.  His breeder has offered to watch him while we attend an upcoming seminar and hunt test, so we did a trial run to get him used to the idea.

He didn’t mind at all because Tule, the love of his life, was there.  From the time Thunder was a young dog, he has loved Tule.  I know they say that dogs don’t have emotions, but sometimes I wonder.

Consider this.

Thunder and Tule were competing for their Championships at the same time.  There were times when we would be at a show and all of a sudden Thunder would perk up and start looking all around, sort of scanning the the building.  Every single time it turned out Tule had entered the building.  He always knew the moment she arrived.

Now you might be thinking it was because he was also remembering his breeder, but at that time she had a friend showing Tule and wasn’t even there.

We always said that when Tule is around Thunder has little hearts dancing around his head and here is proof:

Thunder & Tule
Thunder & Tule

For those of you keeping track, Thunder and Tule are Freighter’s grandparents.  Tule is such a sweetie.  I just love her.

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Barks and Bytes–Back To Winter And More

  1. Agree with the above comment. Can’t believe you have snow, sun melted or not!

    Don’t forget to come by our blog again sometime, we miss your woofs!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl’s World!

  2. Thunder you are a lucky boy, a sleepover and a date with the girl of your life, that sounds like a super weekend. I hope the snow will disappear soon, a white christmas is ok, but a white easter…. not really :o)

  3. That was sweet to read all about the love of Thunder’s life Tule. Come on green grass make an appearance. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. 80 degrees here Sunday. Snowed all day Monday. 🙁 Definitely believe dogs have emotions and long memories!

  5. We got more snow too but don’t think we broke any records. Like Storm and Freighters collars. Thunder your girlfriend is beautiful. Hope you had a good weekend with her. Have a great day. And You will be happy to know Sandy has talked me into coming to the seminar. So I will get to hang with you all day! Sorry I don’t get to met Thunder.

  6. I absolutely think dogs can ‘love’ each other. Our Sally had a love in her life too, a beautiful big Borzoi named Rudy. They were embarrassingly affectionate with each other. I can see why Thunder loves Tule, she’s a beauty.

  7. Yep – we’ve had snow here the past couple of days, too. Hopefully it will be gone this weekend!
    Thunder and Tule are so sweet! I definitely think dogs can have bonds/affinities for one another and remember those relationships. So cute that Tule gets Thunder’s attention so quickly!

  8. Heard on the news the record was close to being wiped away. Good for the senior dog to have a little vacation with his sweetie. And yes they do know and remember, senses are so acute.
    I had driven to Margaret’s Brusher’s Show in Saline, John had gone ahead to start demonstrating. Parked next to van, which she recognized. We were way out in the cow pasture and Coco slipped away. Took off in hot pursuit, dodging hundred of antique shoppers. Ended up in a passage between two buildings and there was Poppy! Imagine the number of scents in that environment!

  9. Tule even looks sweet.

    It’s getting to the point where I am depressed that people keep getting snow, and I don’t even have to live with it. Much sympathy.

  10. I know what people ‘say’ about dogs not having emotions, but I disagree. There are certain people my dogs gravitate to. Sampson in particular greets everyone enthusiastically BUT some are more enthusiastic than others. Like my sister and niece. And Delilah is fairly interested in people but once she sniffs them she’s not much for hanging around getting pets….EXCEPT remember that time we were coming back from Tennessee and picked up a nail in the tire. Delilah took a shine to Mike at the garage and just clung to him. So yes, I do believe that Thunder can take a shine to Tule.

    I love the dog’s collars and I’m totally done with snow. I don’t want to see anymore for a while. A LONG while.

  11. How sweet that Thunder has a girlfriend, and isn’t she a cutie! We got some of that snow too….it’s mostly gone but still lingering a bit here and there because it’s been pretty cold too. Hopefully it starts to warm up more tomorrow, and it goes away for good!

  12. Oh, that Tule is a looker! No wonder Thunder’s in love with her! Love the look on his face in that pic with her! He’s SO smitten! Ugh on the snow!! 1880 – wow, that’s some record to break!

  13. Hi Y’all!

    If y’all saw the wildlife special on mule deer last night on PBS you’d know they have emotions and display them, so why would we dogs NOT have emotions?

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. The snow has just got to give you guys one last shot to remember it by 😛 Thunder is so cute in that photo with hearts, haha. And Freighter has a pink nose!

  15. Fabulous pictures of the dogs. I know you must be getting really tired of snow by now. The dogs just seem to take it in stride though don’t they. I giggled when I saw the geese, they must have stopped to rest and entertain you. lol Hugs and nose kisses

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