One of the best parts of our trip to Wisconsin was meeting fellow Chessie owners in person.  I know so many through facebook but since we are spread out all over the world, it is not always possible to meet face to face.

One fellow Chessie owner I was really looking forward to meeting was fellow blogger JoAnn from Sand Spring Chesapeakes.  Not only did I get to meet JoAnn, but I met the entire Sand Spring gang.  When we met, JoAnn presented me with a beautiful para cord collar that she made for Freighter.  She is really talented.  I haven’t had a chance to get a picture of it yet, but I will.

I did not take a lot of pictures this weekend.  For one thing, there was a lot of rain.  It seemed like I would get my camera out, it would start to drizzle, and I had to put it away.  Also, we were asked not to take pictures during the seminar, except of our own dog.  Luckily JoAnn gave me permission to take some of her and Glory.

Here is Glory working on swim-by during the seminar.

JoAnn is using one of the techniques we learned during the seminar to get the dog excited to work.
JoAnn is using one of the techniques we learned during the seminar to get the dog excited to work.
Glory will be working on swim by.
Glory waiting while the trainer explains something us.
Glory is wondering when the trainer plans to throw the bumper.
Glory heading to a bumper.
Glory heading to a bumper.

After the seminar finished up, we were invited to JoAnn’s house for pizza.  But before left, we went out and worked on a challenging blind.  I will have some pictures of Freighter running this blind and an explanation in a future post.  For now, here is JoAnn and Glory giving it a try.

Glory lining up for the blind.
Glory lining up for the blind.
She's off!
She’s off!

Since there was limited opportunity to train during the seminar, we planned to do a bit of training at JoAnn’s house.  Let me tell you, those people know how to train.  They got out a couple of ducks and shot a flyer for Freighter and Sunny!

It was a good chance to test Mr. Duck-a-holic on a bird to see if he would remain steady.  JoAnn and John have a really cool training pond which is where they set a double for Freighter.  The flyer was actually the memory, or first, bird thrown in our scenario.

As soon as Freighter heard the shot and saw the bird he started to go, but hubby was able to call him back.  I guess if you need to make a correction, before the test is better than at the test.  We will see what happens this weekend.

As Freighter was running, a storm started to whip up.  I was able to get pictures of him before I had to put my camera away.  It got very dark which you might be able to see from the pictures.  Darn rain shortened our training fun!

Freighter headed to the "Go" bird.
Freighter headed to the “Go” bird.
He has it.
He has it.
Needs to cross water to get back.
Freighter must cross water to get back.
Good boy Freighter!
Good boy Freighter!
Freighter headed to the "Memory" bird which was the flyer.
Freighter headed to the “Memory” bird which was the flyer.
After a bit of a hunt, he has it.
After a bit of a hunt, he has it and is headed back.
Here he comes.
Here he comes.
Good dog!
Good dog!

Thanks so much to John and JoAnn for their hospitality.  It was so nice to finally meet them and of course Nellie, Glory, Gambler and MK!  MK is such a character and likes to bite.  Gambler is a handsome clown.  Glory and Nellie are just beautiful.  We had a great time training with them and wish we did not live so far away!

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26 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes–Meeting Friends

  1. Sounds like you had a great time… reminded me of their picture of all the many dogs’ medal and certificates, when you say they really know how to train. Hah!

  2. That’s so awesome that you got to meet them! And that you both have a passion for Chessies and hunting. Sounds like they have a great setup for training.

  3. So glad you got to meet them and you all had a great time at the seminar and over at JoAnn’s place. Pity about the rain and the storm. We had a bad one this week with thunder and hail and we were in the park so we got drenched and it was scary as well.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great pics and what fun!
    It’s just as well that Chessies spread their awesomeness around the country – what fun would it be for the rest of us if they were all clumped in one geographic location? Share the wealth 🙂

  5. I love meeting fellow bloggers. I wish there was just once place everyone could meet up, it would be so much fun. It’s one of the reasons I like going to conference, it’s energizing to be with like minded people.

    Glad you all had such a great time!! Look at Freighter go!!

  6. I was just over visiting the Sand Spring gang’s blog when I saw that you all got to meet, hang out and train! I think that is so cool especially since you all love the Chessie breed so and have so much in common. It is too bad that you sort of got rained out during training but it sure looked like Freighter was having a blast!
    Happy Thursday,

  7. Hooray for everything but the weather. What a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet in persons, doggies as well!

  8. Looks like an awesome time! It’s crazy how progressively dark it gets in those photos of Freighter at the pond! We just got some rain for the first time this spring today (it’s been snow till now), but I know south of the border has been experiencing some pretty crazy storms.

    Hope Freighter rocks it this weekend!

  9. How great that you met Jo Ann and her furkids! And many thanks for your wonderful photos! It was great to read about your seminar.

  10. All that training is hard work; but I imagine that when you really love doing something, it’s not so hard after all.
    I would love to meet fellow bloggers, but travel is just not in our budget these days. Happy for you though that you were able to meet JoAnn!

  11. What a fun time! We rarely meet up with any of our breed since we are so rare, but it is sure fun when we do!

  12. Gorgeous dogs. I’ve never met a Chessie, but I will soon, because there’s a purebred at the shelter where I volunteer. I have a feeling he won’t be there long!

  13. Linda it was so awesome to meet you Jim and Cindy. Freighter and sonny are wonderful. You and I are so alike its scary. Thank you for all the goodies for me and the dogs and of course not forgetting mk even know she bites. I love the pictures of glory and the ones of freighter are super cool you got great photos of the storm coming. Hopefully we can meet up again and your more than welcome to come train añd stay anytime.

  14. That sounds like so much fun! It’s great to get to meet fellow bloggers. 🙂 Love the pictures, looks like it was an awesome day!

  15. It must’ve been so much fun to see all those Chessies! And it looks like you had some nice weather for the dogs – not too hot, not too cold. I’m sure everyone had a blast.

  16. I think it’s so great you got to meet JoAnn and spend some time with her and her crew. It sounds like you had a great time at the seminar too. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos…these were all great!

  17. Hi Y’all!

    Poo on the storm! Freighter looks fantastic!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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