Our pal Flea of the Jones Natural Chews Blog asked if we would like to review a couple of Jones Natural Chews products in honor of her 2nd blogiversary which is this month.  Of course we said “Yes!”

Don’t know Flea?  Well you must check out her blog here.  She blogs all about her dogs, cat, chickens and a duck named Jimmy.  Of course she also blogs about Jones Natural Chews.

Don’t know Jones Natural Chews?  The brown dawgs say that your dawgs are really missing out because Jones has a large line of meat treats including bones, bully stix, jerky and sausages…all kinds of things to tempt a pup.  They have beef, lamb, chicken, pork, venison and rabbit products.  Best of all, Jones natural chews are all made in the USA.

The brown dawgs have already tried some of the Jones jerky products.  You might remember that Santa brought them some Chicken Taffy and Rabbit Jerky.

The two products they are reviewing today are Lamb Lung Puffs and Beef Windee Rings.  They have not tried these before.

Thunder And Storm
Thunder And Storm Take Their Job As Reviewers Seriously

I had intended to have Thunder review these products, but Storm must have smelled a whiff of the meaty goodness and pushed her way into the review, so both Thunder and Storm will be doing this review.

First up, the Lamb Lung Puffs.  These are baked lamb lungs.  They are light and crunchy.  You can easily break them up.  We were sent the 8 oz. package and since they are so light, it is a big bag full.

Lamb Lung Puffs
Lamb Lung Puffs

Thunder and Storm loved these.  Crunch, crunch and they were gone.

Thunder Crunching His Lamb Lung Puff
Thunder Crunching His Lamb Lung Puff

When Thunder squats down to to give his full attention to eating something, you know it must be pretty tasty.

Storm Eating Her Lamb Lung Puff
Storm Eating Her Lamb Lung Puff

Storm was a bit more delicate with her Lamb Lung Puff.  In no time it was gone.

After Thunder and Storm polished off their puffs, they were looking for more, so next up was the Beef Windee Rings.  Windeee Rings are baked beef wind pipe (or trachea) cut into 1 inch pieces.  According to Jones, they are a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

The Windee Rings were very hard and required some chewing.  I think for a larger dog, or an aggressive chewer, these rings are a bit small.  A larger dog can get the entire ring in their mouth which made me very nervous.  It is a hard treat and I worried that one of the dogs might try to swallow it whole.  (Yes brown dawgs can be a bit piggish. 🙂 )

The description of these treats suggest they are for a smaller dog and I tend to agree.  Jones also has a 6 inch Windee piece that I think would be more appropriate for a larger dog. They could gnaw on it like a bone and you could take it away if it got too small.

Storm was actually OK with her Windee Ring because she is a dainty eater.  She crunched it and chewed it until it was gone.  I would say that it lasted a good 3-4 minutes for her.

What Is This?
What Is This?
A Yummy Windee Ring
A Yummy Windee Ring

Thunder chewed on his too, but he is a large dog and could easily get the entire thing in his mouth so I monitored him very carefully.  (Whenever you give a hard treat or bone to your dog, it is a good idea to monitor them while they are chewing it.)

Thunder Thinks This Looks Yummy
Thunder Says This Is Yummy

Thanks to Flea and Jones Natural Chews for giving us an opportunity to review these treats and for the give-away.

And a very Happy 2nd Blogiversary to Flea!

Would you like to try some Jones Natural Chews Lamb Lung Puffs or Beef Windee Rings?  You know you do!  Jones sent two bags of each treat and the brown dawgs have been bullied to decided to share.

Lamb Lung Puffs And Beef Windee Rings
Lamb Lung Puffs And Beef Windee Rings

Just leave a comment saying that you want to enter the give-away and which treat your dog would like to try.  Make sure that you fill-out the e-mail box with a valid e-mail address so I can contact you should you win.  The give-away will close Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 11:59 pm.  I will draw and announce the winners next week.

SGRTTBadgejpgThis is part of the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop.

Thanks to Sugar and  Kol’s Notes for the hop!

I received Lamb Lung Puffs and Beef Windee Rings to try and in exchange for my honest opinion.

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38 thoughts on “A Meaty Review And Give-Away

  1. I’m so glad the brown dawgs like the treats! Thanks for a great review!

  2. They really lool serious, like news anchors :o) Thanks for a great review, specially that Windee Rings look tasty, I think I will lick on the screen to try them :O)

  3. Those treats sound delicious! I am sure Indie would love to try the lung puffs. She is a chewer and we usually give her bully sticks (her favorite) so the windee rings sound great too!!

  4. For now all 3 of my girls have to stay on their current food and one, specific treat. (But I cheat a little sometimes and give them a frozen pumpkin-yogurt treat). I changed their food so much in the 20 months since we rescued Ducky that they just need a break; plus, we’re trying to figure out what’s causing Ducky’s digestive issues. Maybe somewhere down the line, but not now.

  5. That was a terrierific review! And who doesn’t love a Jones Chew? The Windees look like they would be a perfect size for me to gnaw on. Happy Tasty Tuesday.

  6. Great review! I didn’t think about the Windees being small. Delilah is an aggressive chewer and she does tend to try and swallow things, but she did okay with these. 🙂 Still I always keep an eye on her. No need to enter us in the contest.

  7. I should have mentioned in my review that Rita is a dainty chewer – chews things a million times before eating them! Didn’t think of it since I’m not used to having an aggressive chewer around! (Don’t enter us since we already “won” with our free bags from Jones!)

  8. Sugar loves the Jines Windee 🙂 ENJOY your treats. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  9. Great review, we will be tasting these for a review next week. Mom had to put the box on top of the refrigerator to keep my sisters and I, and cat bro Bert from helping ourselves.

  10. Fabulous review and Dakota would love to try the Lamb Lung Puffs! We love Jones (and have to blog about them ourselves! from stuff we got at BlogPaws!)

  11. Mr. Remi and Ms. Rainy would love to try the Lamb lungs. They saw their fellow Chessies looking very happy with them and want some too!

  12. My dogs would love the lamb lung treats!

    I am like you, in that I supervise chews and treats. I have large dogs, who can be gulpers, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

  13. How creative to come up with a use for spare parts! I like that. Phoebe says she’d like to try the windee rings. She is a delicate chewer herself.

  14. I want to enter- Shiloh would love the lamb lung puffs! I already use them as his “jackpot” reward!

  15. I would love to try the windee rings please! My pup Stella would be delighted to win! Thanks so much!

  16. the treats sound great – i love finding products that are (more) locally made, since I’ve had issues with Gwynn getting ill from some things that shipped from china. Gwynn would love to try those Windy Rings, though I’ll definitely monitor him while he’s eating it!

  17. Looks like they were a hit! We would love to enter the giveaway, for the Lamb Lung Puffs. Sheba has a tendency to not chew things too, so I have to be really careful with what I give her….I prefer to stick to small bites for her, and things that can be broken up.

  18. We’d like to enter the giveaway, my dogs would love to try the lamb lung puffs. Thanks!

  19. Thanks so much to Storm & Thunder for trying out these two great treats.
    Please enter me in the giveaway. 🙂
    I’d like to see what my two extremely picky dogs think of the Lamb Lung Puffs. Toby & Willow (my furry babies) go crazy for bully sticks so I think they would love the Lamb Lung Puffs a lot.

    Thanks for sharing your review on these treats. We appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Lisa B.

  20. Is this where I leave my request for River and Flicka to “WIN” the Lamb Lung Puffs. I’m sure once sampled they would be asking me to by more. What a great fun way to get their organ meat

  21. Sounds like a hit, bet it would be here too. Always looking for new USA treats for our pups. We would love to try the lung treats as I worry mine would down those rings in two bites if even. Plus organ treats are nice and stinky for outings.

    Happy 4th to you all

  22. I think my dogs would like the Lamb Lung Puffs. I like that you explained about the rings and larger dogs. I have two big dogs and sometimes I think they forget to chew.

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