Storm and Nestle have always been pals.

We got Nestle 8 years ago this month.  She was a rescue available for adoption, but living in a cage at the local Petco.  Hubby and I went there to pick up something for Thunder when we spied Nestle.  She looked pathetic in the cage and the person from the rescue said she was not doing well in that environment.  Something swept over us.

We filled out an application and were quickly approved.  We picked her up that same afternoon.  She was about 16 months old at the time.  Since we planned ahead we had all kinds of things for a new kitty.  We had nothing for a cat and had to shop at the Petco for the necessities.

We brought her home and then we did not see her for about 2 weeks.  No kidding.

We set up a litter box and food and water in our living room.  We didn’t really use our living room so we thought it would be a good place for Nestle to get accustomed to her new home.  She could come and go as she pleased from there or be quiet and alone if she wanted.  You know how some cats are?  They like to be alone.  We weren’t sure if Nestle would be that kind of cat.

Everyday we would put out food and fresh water.  We never saw her, but we knew she was there because the food disappeared and the litter box was used.  I think she spent the first week under the couch.

Finally after a couple of weeks she started to come around more.  She did not like Thunder much.  He was still a puppy, but a big puppy, and she was intimidated by him.  He just wanted to sniff her, but she did not trust him or appreciate the sniffing.  She kept her distance from him. They learned to ignore each other.

At the end of August of that same year we got Storm.  Nestle and Storm hit it off right away.  Storm was just 8 weeks old when we got her so closer in size to Nestle.  Eventually Storm grew up but that did not matter to Nestle.  They like to play together.  Nestle bats at Storm and Storm lets her.  After Storm had her pups and she was missing them, she treated Nestle as one of her puppies and often licked her like she did her pups, and Nestle let her.  They have an understanding.

For all these years I have been trying to get a picture of Storm and Nestle “playing” but when they see me grab my camera, they stop.  It is as if photographic evidence of playtime would violate some dog/cat code of conduct.

Monday I was stuck at home waiting for the city to plow the street when finally I had my camera nearby and was able to snap a few pictures.  It was a bright sunny day and they were right in front of the window so the pictures are not the greatest, but at least I finally got some!

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes–Storm And Nestle

  1. They look great together. And they are the proof that being like dog&cat can be good too. I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one who lives not really in the living room, but I have no idea why we don’t use it…. maybe there is a bad karma ?

  2. That’s so sweet! Storm looks like she understands Nestle – she has such a gentle look about her. That first picture looks like she’s saying, “Hey buddy, how ya doin’?” 🙂

  3. Nestle may have helped Storm be such a good mother with her pups. Perhaps Macha should have had a kitty buddy? She was not fond of her own puppies, especially when faced with a
    huge offspring some months later, she gave him a look and turned her back on him!
    We could not trust our pups with my brother’s cats, especially Butch. And they love pacing around and sticking their paws under the closed bedroom door, just to aggravate those very huge brown kenneled “invaders”. Chessie revenge, grab the kitty food bowls!

  4. This is about the sweetest thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you! My bestie’s newest cat did the same hiding thing when she adopted it. It hid in her walk-in closet for two weeks. Very snuggly cat now, though.

  5. Very sweet. Our cat bro Bert loves us dogs, but he and Bailie hang out a lot together. Cats and dogs together is a wonderful thing.

  6. I love your photos, Linda! Such sweet affection between Storm and Nestle! My golden retriever Savanna and my Maine coon cat Chessie are buddies, too. They curl up next to each other at night to keep warm.

  7. What a heart-warming, wonderful story of sweet Storm and sweet Nestle. Those pictures are adorable. I love seeing cats and dogs as friends. Years ago we had a tabby cat and a boxer and they slept together in a chair and played together. Loved this post and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. Hugs and give Storm and Nestle hugs and nose kisses for us.

  8. Oh, that’s so great you finally got some photos! Their relationship is so sweet. Luke and Samantha were great friends when he was smaller, but now that he’s bigger and still too rambunctious, Sam doesn’t like him so much. I hope when he matures some they’ll go back to being friends.

  9. Hi Y’all!

    Priceless! Memories in the bank to cherish.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. What a wonderful story! I (Sammy) would give my left paw to be able to play with and lick my sister cats like that, they both detest me 🙁
    Wally & Sammy

  11. That is so sweet. Delilah got along really well with our daughter’s cat (Bob) when lived with us. Sometimes they would both chase him, but mostly they would sit side by side at the window stalking chipmunks. Never played though.

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