Canine Good Citizens

Way back in 2009 Thunder and Storm took the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and passed.  At that time it was considered an “award” by the AKC.  They received a nice certificate and that was that.

Canine Good Citizen
AKC Canine Good Citizen

In 2013, the AKC made CGC a title which can be included with the dog’s title record and will appear as part of the dog’s titled name on pedigrees and in programs for official events.

When the AKC made CGC a title they did not really change the test so the AKC established a method to convert awards earned prior to 2013 into titles.  All that is required is to fill out a form, attach a copy of the award certificate and send a check for $20.

I have been meaning to do this for Thunder and Storm since the AKC made the change.  I figured they earned the title, so why not make it official.  OK it bugged me a bit that I had to pay another fee for something I already paid for without any offset for the money I sent back in 2009 to get the award certificate, but I decided to go ahead anyway.

Back in January I sent in the paperwork with check, and this week their new certificates arrived.  They were identical to the old certificates but with GCG added to the end of their names.

So now Thunder is: Ch HR SRR’s North Point Thunder Bay SH CGC WDQ

Storm is officially: HR Irish’s Great Lakes Nor’easter SH CGC WDX

Don’t they look thrilled?

Thunder And Storm Canine Good Citizens
Congrats To Thunder And Storm Canine Good Citizens…Again

Freighter’s Annual Vet Visit

A couple of week’s ago it was time for Freighter to make his annual visit to the vet.  He needed a couple of vaccines and his heart worm check.

Freighter is always happy to go to the vet’s.  There are people there who dote on him and give him lots of pets.

Is It My Turn Yet?
Is It My Turn Yet?

He lost about a pound from the last time he was there.  We have been having a hard time keeping weight on him.  His correct weight is right around 85 pounds.  Recently we changed his food rather than keep upping the food he had been eating.  So far the new food seems to be working better for him.  Time will tell.

We also brought Nestle with us because she needed a vaccine too.

Waiting And Waiting
Nestle Likes To Wait In Her Carrier

Freighter doesn’t mind the shots, but he hates the blood draw for the heart worm check.  He won’t hold still for it.  We have found that putting him on his side on the table and taking it from his back leg works well.  As long as hubby holds him and I give him treats, he forgets all about the vet drawing blood.  We have it down pat now. This year it went the smoothest it ever has.

Hey No Problem
No Problem

Thunder’s Up Coming Breeding

JoAnn over at Sand Spring Chesapeakes has updated her website about the upcoming breeding of Thunder and Glory.  There is also all kinds of info about Glory and of course the rest of the Sand Spring gang.  If you are not a follower, make sure you become one because all the breeding and puppy info will be there.

Thanks to JoAnn for doing such a nice write-up on Thunder.


Maybe you noticed link on my sidebar to the breeding information page over on the Sand Spring website.

This is the Thursday Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by Heart Like A Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs.

Grab The Badge
Grab The Badge

16 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes–Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. They don’t look impressed!! LOL! I don’t blame you for being annoyed at the AKC, that is really dumb to make you pay twice!

    Phoenix is the same way as Freighter, so we do the back leg for blood, too!

  2. Hi Y’all!

    Not my favorite thing to do, the vet, ’cause my Human won’t let me visit and play with the other dogs and cats in the waiting room. She really wants me to sit and look sophisticated!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Congrats to CGC… again :o) great you managed the vet-thingy so well! I can’t wait to see a lot of little brown dawgs … who said online-relationships have no chance? that’s totally wrong… Glory&Thunder are the proof :o)

  4. Thank you for the very nice shout out again on the upcoming breeding. This just has to work! Thanks for the links. Storm and thunder look as thrilled as Nellie and glory look in their pictures. Gulag the vet visit went great!

  5. Welcome to the CGC title club, nice they added the title without making you retest! My sister Katie had trouble keeping weight on her first few years, so she ate puppy chow until she was almost three for the calories. She was very active so it worked.

  6. Good job adding to their titles…it’s very impressive, even though they kind of look like “whatever makes you happy, Mom”. 🙂
    I wish our dogs would be happier about going to the vet….I dread the next trip there with Luke, and might make my hubby do it this time!
    I’m glad I already follow you and Sand Spring so I’ll be keeping up with all the breeding info!

  7. The CGC photo cracked me up! It’s a bummer you had to pay a fee for the titles, urgh. I’m looking forward to seeing some Thunder-Glory pups in the future. 🙂

  8. I added linseed oil to one of my skinny-minnies. But that was years ago. None of mine have one bit of trouble putting on weight now. Nor do I, for that matter!

  9. Love the thrilled looks on Thunder and Storm! I am looking into getting Buddy his CGC. I think he would do well as a therapy dog, as we loves people. My guy absolutely loves the vet and it is no problem taking him there. Looking forward to the pups in the future.

  10. Glad you spent the $$, because this title indicates how well rounded they are, lady and gentleman!
    I think Freighter is a hoot, love the photos where he is in a social situation and is wearing his grin.
    Our vet loves our Chessies, because they are so well mannered. Have always said these dogs have a true sense of place and behave accordingly.
    Thunder and Glory, should be a fine breeding. Have they met? More puppy photos, always a favorite.

  11. It would anger me to have to pay again. If you have all the original paperwork it’s simply an administrative procedure and it should take long at all.

    But it is nice that they can add the title to their names!

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