Tomorrow is Freighter’s 4th Birthday so of course we had to have a birthday party.  But what is a birthday party without yummy cake?  Thunder and I headed off to the Three Dog Bakery to pick out a treat.  Read about our trip here.

There were so many cakes and treats to choose from, it was a hard decision but Thunder settled on a piece vanilla cake with strawberry yogurt frosting.

Dog Pastry Made With Strawberry Yogurt Frosting
Freighter’s Birthday Treat

Thunder may have been a bit biased because they gave him a sample of this cake as we walked in.  He liked it and he figured Freighter would too.

Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Yogurt Frosting From The Three Dog Bakery
Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Yogurt Frosting From The Three Dog Bakery

Thunder was right.  Freighter was so excited he could not keep his eyes off it.

Birthday Party
That Cake Looks Yummy

I hated to break the news to Freighter, but I was splitting the piece of cake between all three dogs.  Or maybe Freighter already knew so that is why he was keeping his eyes on it?

Finally Freighter got to try it and he wasted no time polishing it off.

Birthday Treat
Yum Yum Yum

What is a birthday party without guests?  Freighter invited Thunder and Storm to his birthday party.  (OK I may have helped him with that decision.)

Birthday Party
Thunder And Storm Cannot Take Their Eyes Off The Cake Either

Finally after too long a wait, Thunder and Storm got to dig in.

Dog Birthday Party
Thunder And Storm Are So Cute Eating Their Cake

The brown dawgs had a blast at Freighter’s birthday party!  I am sure the birthday cake made the party.

Happy 4th Birthday Freighter!

Happy 4th Birthday Freighter
Happy 4th Birthday Freighter

We might get snow tomorrow.  I am sure Freighter would see it as a birthday present just for him, but I would rather avoid it myself.

Have a nice weekend!

12 thoughts on “Freighter’s 4th Birthday Party

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Freighter!!! So glad you liked the birthday cake that Thunder picked out for you!! It sounds yummy enough for your Mom and Dad to eat, too! We would love to have some snow here, but it’s way too early for that – it was 75 degrees here yesterday afternoon!!

  2. Freighter that sounds like a super pawty… I wish the ss-gang and me and hawk and all other pups could come too…. oh and Ruby of course with margaritas for your humans :o)

  3. Happy 4th Birthday, Freighter! Hope you get some snow. We aren’t getting any here, but we are ready. I have my winter furs on!

  4. Happy Birthday Freighter!! Wow, that cake looks awesome. I wish we had a dog bakery around here!
    We’re not ready for snow yet either. Well, I should say I’M not ready for snow…the dogs will be fine with it. We also might see some on Sunday.

  5. Happy birthday, Freighter! We hope you had a terrific day — that cake looks pretty yummy. 🙂

    So, did you get snow?

  6. Hi Y’all!

    Gee Golly! How time flies! Can’t believe you aren’t a puppy anymore! You’re 4 already? Glad you had a great birthday! Have a wonderful year!

    Y’all come on by!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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