Storm does not like to wait.  At last weekend’s pheasant hunt she barked the entire time the other dogs were working.  If you missed Thunder’s hunt, you can read it here.

Finally, it was Storm’s turn,

Storm’s Turn To Pheasant Hunt

Storm drew the second hunting slot.  She really needed to work for the birds.  We suspected that they had moved into the deep cover and the thickets and she was asked to hunt there.

When you are in a field hunting birds, you want to be as quiet as possible.  Storm is an experienced hunting dog so when hubby wants her to hunt a particular area, all he has to do is to point to it and she will put her nose down and work.

Pheasant Hunt
Storm Is Asked To Hunt The Thickets

She did not come up with a bird in that area so she headed to another area to work.

Pheasant Hunt
Storm Has Her Nose To The Ground Trying To Find Some Birds
Pheasant Hunt
Storm Is Still Working In The Cover

I like this next photo.  You can get a sense of the cover Storm was working in,

Pheasant Hunt
Storm Hunts The Cover

Suddenly Storm found a bird.

Pheasant Hunt
Storm Is On A Bird

She had to work a bit to get it to flush, but eventually she flushed a nice big rooster.

Pheasant Rooster Flush
Storm Flushed A Big Rooster
Pheasant Hunt
A Perfect Flush And A Perfect Shot

Storm made a nice retrieve through some heavy cover.

Pheasant Hunt
Storm Retrieves A Big Rooster Through Cover

Storm worked hard.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Happy Storm Doing What She Loves

Unfortunately there were a few more misses.

Pheasant Hen
This Hen Got Away

Storm went out for a second time with Thunder and they had success as did the hunter.  She ended up with quite a few retrieves for the day.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Pheasant Hunt
Storm With The Birds

I will have Freighter’s hunt on Thursday for the Thursday Barks And Bytes blog hop.

12 thoughts on “Storm’s Turn To Pheasant Hunt

  1. I don’t like to wait, either, Storm; but sometimes we just have to be patient. 🙂

  2. The look on Storm’s face in those photos show such a happy working dog. You can tell she really loves what she is doing. Bravo on a great hunt!

  3. Happy Storm! Replicated by Happy Miss Little Butt, chasing anything! Ears flying!

  4. Seeing your experience of hunting makes me interested in taking it up. My cousin hunts duck and deer, and it’s so nice having a bit of access to wild game.

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