Santa’s little elf is very sleepy.  She must have been working in Santa’s workshop late last night.

Santa's Little Elf Storm
Santa’s Little Elf Storm

Actually I took this picture when Storm was not feeling well.  After we got up to the cabin last week, she started having some soft stools.  Her energy level was fair and she was not turning down food so we tried a couple of home remedies which did not resolve the issue.  When we got back in town, it was off to the vet with her.

The vet examined her and said she seemed healthy.  Her fecal sample was negative for parasites.  He felt that her issue was probably from eating crap around the cabin.  Literally.  Her favorites are bunny and deer poop.  This is one habit we have not been able to break her of and you have to watch her every minute when she is outside there.  The little stinker.  She got an injection and some antibiotics and if she has not improved by tomorrow, it is back to the vet for her.

She seems to be feeling better so hopefully she won’t need a return trip.

19 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Elf

  1. Just like humans sometimes don’t feel right for a day or two, it happens to us pups too. Hope she perks up. Nothing worse than a vet visit, and it wastes good treat money too. I do understand wabbit poo, we tend to enjoy some of those natural snacks ourselves. Irresistible!

  2. Storm, I did that too… and it ended with a pill for me and a bill for my dad…. please stay away from that rabbit-bonbons, we rather buy some tasty rabbit treats in a store :o)

  3. Hailey is also guilty as charged. Phod does occasionally eat a little deer poop.

  4. Nothing is as attractive as the forbidden snacks! The humans almost need special glasses to see where those gourmet treats are hidden. Macha is great at scenting them and then waiting for the unaware human to turn his/her back, then she wanders over, inconspicuously, for a munch! Yuk! Here’s hoping for a vet free Holiday season!

  5. I hope she’s feeling better. Delilah (her sister from another mother) has the same nasty habit. But she is not just a poop eater. I constantly have to watch her on our walks because she eats apples and berries from trees in people’s yards. Which is far more preferable than poop mind you, I am trying to keep her from ingesting any pesticides that might have been used on the fruit.

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