Our temperatures warmed up this week, but last weekend we had snow.  Storm wonders if it is the last snow of the year.  She loves snow and didn’t want to miss out having some fun.  It was also good exercise for her.  She ran around with her beloved kong.  She tried to bury it in the snow.  If it is possible to have Spring fever while playing in snow then I guess that would describe Storm.

We are going to have a nice weekend.  Hope you can get out and enjoy!

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FitDog Friday
FitDog Friday

19 thoughts on “Last Snow?

  1. Snow one day, record breaker within the next few. Cars streaming down the road, walleye might be making their way up the Maumee. That is the sign of true spring in the valley. Last year at this time there were serious ice dams, flooding and much damage to our river corridor. And little fishing. Chessiies could stand on the overlook and watch nature’s force. Though we have had little snow, we are grateful to have been swimming!

  2. Good for you Storm to have Spring fever in the snow. That does look like you are having such a good time. And who knows, maybe you will get a little more snow.

  3. Looks like lots of fun! We are hoping we have seen our last snow of the season (or at least I’m hoping–Barley probably would like another good snow or two).

  4. we have no snow but it is still very cold here… I’m so sorry that your snow will disappears soon Storm, but imagine all the green grass and the flowers we will get… and the mole hills… that’s good too, right?

  5. Our temperatures warmed up this week as well, as in waaaayyy!!! We’ve been having temps in the 70s all week long, and I couldn’t have enjoyed my dog walking adventures more!!

  6. Snow is so much fun for the dogs! The crew wouldn’t mind if we got some more, but I am fine with an early spring! 🙂

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