What to do when you have a dog who loves snack time but could lose a few pounds?

You lighten up snack time with Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers.

Snack Time With Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers
Lighten Up Snack Time With Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers

Storm is on rest due to an injury and she needs to watch her weight so we had to cut back her food and treats.  Oh noooos!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
What Do You Mean Cut Back Treats?

She doesn’t get a lot of treats, but she does enjoy a crunchy biscuit now and again.  Unfortunately many of the crunchy biscuits have a lot of calories and if they happen to have fewer calories, they are small in size.

Lucky for Storm today we are trying Purina Pro Plan’s Lite Snackers from Chewy.com.

Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers
Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers

These treats are:

  • Oven-baked crunch dogs love!
  • Low calorie content (15 calories per Snacker)
  • Low fat
  • High fiber
  • Exceptional palatability
  • A nice sized biscuit

What did Storm think of Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers?

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Storm Loved The Crunchy Goodness

Storm loved the Lite Snackers and is relieved that she still gets a biscuit for snack time.

Purina Pro Plan Lite Snackers are available at Chewy.com.

Want some Lite Snackers for your dog’s snack time?  Head on over to Chewy.com because a 24 oz. bag is on sale for $7.19, which is a 40% savings.  Plus you get free 1-2 day shipping for orders $49 and over and shipping is only $4.95 for orders under $49.  You can order online and their Customer Service is available by phone 24/7 to help or answer questions.

Storm Loves Chewy.com
Storm Loves Chewy.com

How do you lighten snack time?

Review Disclaimer: The 2 Brown Dawgs Blog was provided a sample of the product to try in exchange for our honest opinion and review. We were not otherwise compensated. The 2 Brown Dawgs Blog is responsible for the content of this post.

7 thoughts on “Lighten Up Snack Time #chewyinfluencer

  1. Love that smile of satisfaction. Hope the treats help with the healing!

  2. Thankfully, none of us are watching our furline. We get lots of exercise and seem to burn everything we eat. Katie is losing weight, so she gets lots of extra food and treats.

  3. Mica’s is on a diet since we had her spayed in the last year and now is having trouble with walking on her back leg. When you are not walking much it is hard to lose weight. We cut back on her food and she is really not into treats. But that looks like a great alternative treatments for cutting back calories.

  4. Storm looks pretty darn happy – I’d say the Lite treats are a hit! We try to either buy lower calorie treats or to break them up into smaller pieces and split them between the three dogs.

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