Saturday was Storm’s 9th birthday so of course we had to have a birthday party for her.

This year I bought her some chicken treats rather than a cake or biscuits.  She needs to watch her girlish figure, especially after she was on rest for a few weeks due to a strained shoulder.

Storm was a bit skeptical of her birthday treats at first.

Birthday Party
What Is This?
Storm's Party
It Does Not Look Like A Cake Or A Yummy Biscuit

Of course Storm is not one to turn down extra food so she gobbled up the chicken treats.  They weren’t a cake or a biscuit, but I think they were a hit.

Birthday Treats
A Birthday Girl Should Get Extra Birthday Treats

Storm was a good sport and wore her birthday tiara for a few pictures, but then enough was enough and off came the tiara.

Enough Of The Head Gear

All in all it was a fun party for Storm.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Party For The Birthday Girl

  1. I’m with you storm, treats are the better cakes…. and we haven’t to clean our noses at the humans legs when we have treats instead a cake… you are a beautiful birthday girl, I love your tiara :O)

  2. We’re so glad Storm had a fun birthday! Our crew is usually pretty happy as long as they get some kind of extra treats, cake or not!

  3. Love the headshot of the cockeyed optimist! Just a great happy personality photo!

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