Freighter earned his second Master Hunter pass this past weekend. If you are keeping track, he needs three more passes to earn his title.

It was a long weekend because Master Hunter tests consist of three series which are run over two days.  Since we were working this test, it was up and out of the house by 5:45 am on both Saturday and Sunday and we were not home until after 7 pm each night.  We have had little rain this summer, but of course had rain storms blew through the test both Saturday and Sunday.  There was no lightening, thank goodness, so the dogs kept running.  Thanks to the workers and judges who persevered through the rain.

I also want to send a huge shout-out of thanks to Thunder and Freighter’s breeder Cindy for stopping by each day to let Thunder and Storm out and to feed them dinner.  They were not happy to be left home, but it really was the best thing for our senior dogs and they always love to see Cindy.

The hunt test itself had some challenging set-ups.  Hubby was really happy with Freighter because he hung in there and kept it together to earn the pass.  I will have more about the test itself coming up in future posts.

6 thoughts on “Freighter Earns A Master Hunter Pass

  1. Those are some long days, and that darn weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with you much, does it!
    We’re glad it was all worth it though – good job, Freighter!

  2. I’m glad Freighter had such a successful weekend! Mother Nature always decides to end draught’s when you have to be outside, doesn’t she? Glad that you just had to deal with rain and nothing worse!

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