Every year it comes right down to the wire as to whether the brown dawgs are on Santa’s “Naughty” or “Nice” List.  This year they must have been on Santa’s Nice List because Santa came to our house!

He brought them an array of toys and treats.

Lots Of Treats And Toys
Lots Of Treats And Toys

Notice the two black Kongs.  Those are for Storm and Freighter for out in their kennels.  Since the Kongs stay outside all of the time, they need to be replaced periodically.  I wonder how Santa knew they were in need of new ones?

Thunder got a hedgehog all dressed in cammo.

He could not wait to grab it.

Cammo Hedgehog Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Thunder Has Heggie The Hedgehog Dressed In Cammo

Storm says: “No fair!”  She wants one too.

chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Trying To Muscle In On Thunder’s Fun

In addition to some toys for Nestle, there were also a bunch of dog treats.  The brown dawgs should be all set with treats for a while.  Thank you Santa!

chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder And Storm With The Stash

The brown dawgs also got a Christmas present from the nice people at Sojos. It was a package of Holiday Feast dehydrated food and a package of Holiday Feast treats.  Holiday Feast food and treats are made with turkey and cranberry.  Yummy!  Thank you Sojos.

Thank You Sojos
Thank You Sojos

Disclaimer:  All of the items except for the Sojos food and treats were purchased by me (not Santa).  The Sojos food and treats were a gift from Sojos and the brown dawgs wanted to bark a “thank you”.

Did Santa come to your house?

9 thoughts on “Santa Came To Our House!

  1. You guys rocked it. Santa did come to ss. Jones bones of course and some toys to wreck.

  2. I saw those Kongs straightaway. And you must have read my mind because my next question was “How many Kongs does the Brown Dawgs house go through?”

    So my impression is that Storm gets what she wants when dealing with the other two Dawgs. Am I wrong?

    1. Those black kongs would last forever, except we leave them outside in the kennel runs and they dry out. Once that happens pieces start flaking off and I am sure would be eaten. Black rubber, so yummy. 😉

      You are absolutely right when it comes to Thunder. He let’s her have her way–always. Freighter will not take her bossiness in stride like Thunder does.

  3. oh I love the hedgehog too… I’ve got a yellow monster.. I named it pee-te :o)
    Santa was a good this year with the brown dawgs, yay!

  4. Phew….we’re so glad you guys all made the cut! 🙂 (we knew you would) Hedgehogs are all the rage lately, but they don’t live too long around here!
    How nice of Sojo’s!! Our crew wants to know how they can get on THAT list. LOL

  5. Looks like Santa left lots of good treats and toys. You must have been very good this year, I hope you enjoy them. Yes Santa came to our house too.

  6. Barley and Rye got a lot of snacks and they both got new toys, too. Soth always gets spoiled the most, though! I’m glad all of your pets were spoiled by Santa!

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