Winter returned over the weekend.  We did not get snow, but we sure got some cold temperatures.  We could have stayed in the cozy warm house, but we didn’t.  We headed out to the park with Freighter to get a little training in and to burn off some of his never ending energy.

Thunder and Storm stayed home this time because they had their annual vet visit earlier that morning and we figured we would give them a break.  Plus, it was cold and windy.  Blasted cold and windy.  We wanted to get out, do our thing, and come home to our nice cozy house.

We did not take wingers or any other equipment other than some bumpers.  We set up a series of marked retrieves and blind retrieves.  Marks are where the dog watches the bumper or bird being thrown and blinds are placed in the field but the dog does not know where they are.  For marked retrieves, the dog relies on its eyes and memory, but for blinds, the dog must be directed to the bumper or bird by its handler using a whistle to stop the dog and arm signals to direct the dog.

This was our basic set-up.  I numbered the order that Freighter ran this set-up.

Marks And Blinds For Freighter
Marks And Blinds For Freighter

We were on a big open soccer field at a local park.  The field did not have a ton of features, no high grass and no water features.  There was a small hill off to the right of where we set-up and usual parks stuff: soccer nets, some benches, a few trees and a brick storage/rest room building.

The wind was really blowing from behind where we set the line so Freighter was running into the wind.  He ran one mark first.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Heading To The Mark
chesapeake bay retriever
Here Comes Freighter

After Freighter ran the initial mark, he then ran two blinds.  Hubby was working on pulling him off watching me in the field and turning to run the blinds.  The two blinds were kind of close to one another, so Freighter required a couple of handles to drive him past the closer blind.  We also know that Freighter can tend to break down on longer blind retrieves so that is something we will be training.  He was doing fairly well on those at the end of last season, but then he had a long layoff from training as hubby recuperated from surgery.  Running long blinds cleanly should come back as Freighter trains more of those this Spring.  Eventually we will add in more features, like cover, water, roads.

chesapeake bay retriever
Hubby Lining Freighter Up For The Blind
chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter On The Way Back With A Blind

I was freezing, but Freighter was not even tired so we ran some additional marks and the blinds over again (which of course he lined because he has a Chessie memory).  Freighter had so much energy he was pouncing on the bumpers.

chesapeake bay retriever
Ready To Pounce On A Bumper
chesapeake bay retriever
chesapeake bay retriever
And Pounce
chesapeake bay retriever
Nice Work Freighter

One nice thing about being out in the freezing cold–we had the park to ourselves.  But cold is cold so after running the set-up a second time, we packed up and headed home.

7 thoughts on “Sunday In The Park With Freighter

  1. well done Freighter… after this long winter we need something to get our energy leven in balance :O) I agree with you, cold days are good because you have a quiet place, but on the other hand I’m glad when I can back home to my sofa and my blankie :o)

  2. We had quite warm temperatures last week. Sunday morning I opened the door to a blast of frigid air, and I was not impressed. I wasn’t as good as you though…I didn’t go outside! Hubby did take the dogs outside for a bit though, so they could explore around, even though it was too icy to play ball.
    So, good for you getting out there, Freighter looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

  3. Freighter your such a good boy and love your training! Great pictures.

  4. I’ll bet he loved that! Our guys have gotten cabin fever since hunting season ended and I’ll need to start training them as well.

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