Sibling Rivalry.  Yes it exists at our house.

If you follow the blog, you know that Storm thinks all toys, kongs, birds, and bumpers are hers.  Every once in a while, she lets her big brother Thunder retrieve one of those items, but she is quick to get the item back in her possession.

A couple of weeks ago we went out to do some formal retriever training with the dogs.  When were were finished, hubby threw a few fun bumpers for Thunder and Storm.  He just tossed the bumpers out there and whichever dog got to the bumper first would retrieve it and bring it back to be tossed again.

Normally Thunder runs out to the bumper, but usually backs off at the last minute to let Storm get it.  One time Thunder did not back off and got the coveted bumper.  This did not sit well with Storm.

Pictures tell what happened next…

chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Has The Bumper But Storm Wants It
chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Does Not Want To Give Ut Up
chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Broke Free
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Is Hot On Thunder’s Heels
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Has Not Given Up
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Is Going For The Bumper Again
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Has The Bumper By The Rope
chesapeake bay retriever
Success! Thunder Gave Up The Bumper

Sometimes I think Thunder just likes to mess with Storm.  He always gives up the bumper, but he makes Storm work for it.  That is Thunder’s idea of sibling rivalry.

7 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry – A Game Of Keep Away

  1. Oh thunder you nice boy!!! What a fun game of keep away. I have that here to at my house.

  2. They sound so much like Cricket and Luke! Cricket, however, has to give up sometimes, because Luke is so much taller than her, that she gets tired of jumping up for it. But then she just watches him and waits him out because once she’s not trying to get it back, he’ll often lose interest and just drop it. 🙂

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