Whenever we set up training scenarios for the brown dawgs, we try to make them challenging but not so difficult that they cannot be successful.  Sometimes we set up something that seems simple but it turns out not to be.  We are training three dogs, so when all of them struggle with a set-up then we know our set-up was off.  This was the case a couple of weeks ago when we set up a simple double, but apparently it was a mind blowing double.

We were using a field near our cabin.  It is not a large field and in order to get some distance into our marks, we had been using it the long way.  It is good to mix things up, so this particular time we set-up running cross ways on the field at a sort of diagonal.

Training Field
Training Field

The field is tree lined with a road running up one side.  Our set-up required the dogs to cross the road.  For Freighter and Storm we also added two blinds.  The blind on the left was a fairly long blind which is not visible on the diagram.  The challenge with that blind was a small tree in the field.  The dogs needed to run past the tree to get to the blind.  The tree acted as suction to suck the dogs off the path to the blind.

Mind Blowing Double With A Double Blind
Mind Blowing Double With A Double Blind

The double we set up did not seem that difficult, but it blew all three dogs’ minds.

Freighter was up first.  The bumpers were thrown as numbered and Freighter retrieved them in reverse order.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Heading To Bumper #2

It did not help that I threw bumper #2 into the tree.  However that was not a problem for Freighter.  He did a nice job on this mark.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Retrieving The Bumper From In The Tree
chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Heading Back

Next Freighter was sent to retrieve bumper #1.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Off To Retrieve Bumper #1

This bumper gave him a lot of trouble.  He hunted around but could not come up with it.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Hunting Around For The Bumper

Next thing you know, Freighter was in the trees looking for the bumper so hubby had to handle him to it.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Has The Bumper

Freighter did a decent job on the blinds so that was good.  He was not perfect, meaning he needed a few casts to get to them, but he took the casts which was the point of these blinds.

Next up was Storm.  Thunder and Storm did not run these as a double, but as back to back singles.  They should have been a piece of cake, but they weren’t.

Storm watched as bumper #1 was thrown and she was sent to retrieve it.

chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Heading Out To Bumper #1
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Has It
chesapeake bay retriever
Nice Job Storm

So far so good.  When it came to bumper #2, Storm ran out to get it…and ran right past it into the trees.

chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Ran Past Bumper #2 Into The Trees

Storm hunted and hunted and finally after an extensive hunt, she came up with it.

Last it was Thunder’s turn.

chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Retrieving Bumper #1

Like Storm, Thunder had no issue with bumper #1.

chesapeake bay retriever
Good Job Thunder

Just like Storm, Thunder could not come up with bumper #2.  He put on an extensive hunt in the trees.  I finally had to fake a throw for him so he could find the bumper.

chesapeake bay retriever
Phew That Was Hard

We are not sure why the dogs’ minds were blown by this double.  It could have been that they could not see the bumpers against the trees.  It could have been that there was no wind and they could not pick up the scent of the bumper and blew over them.  Or it could have been that there was so much animal scent in the field that messed them up and drew them into the trees.

After this first set-up, we moved up the road and set up another double.  The dogs may have muddled through the first set-up but they did a great job on the second set-up.  So despite the mind blowing double, it was still a productive training day.

7 thoughts on “Running A Mind Blowing Double

  1. All the set-ups you do seem mind blowing to me, and I’m always impressed when they succeed!
    But I’ve done the same thing with the crew with nose works – set up something that didn’t seem too challenging, and then had them not succeed. On the other hand, sometimes I have trouble challenging them! I guess there’s just a lot of factors in play with any sports.
    I’m glad to hear you ended on a more successful note though!

  2. I agree maybe there were too much other scents in the air, but I’m sure the brown dawgs will score wat your next training day and freighter will be well prepared for the upcoming events ;o)

  3. We peeps will never fully understand what factors make for a perfect hunting day for our dogs but one things for sure the thrill of the hunt and the feeling of confidence our dogs get from a day successful day in the field can only be accomplished by trail and error. Some days are a song and some take a bit of work. We can tell you pups love what they do. That’s the most important thing.

  4. Such good dogs to find all the bumpers. Well done all of you. Bet that is so much fun for everyone.

  5. That simple setup sure gave them a lot to think about. I’ve noticed with my guys that if I train in a new area or change the setup from what they’re expecting, they get a mental block. I’ll bet if you run that same setup again, they’ll do fine.

  6. Whoops bumper in the tree you’ll have that now and the .

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