Spring is here and the grass is growing.  We have had so much rain that it is thick and green.   We headed out to the training grounds and set up a training scenario which had the brown dawgs digging birds out of the tall grass.

When we train in our local parks, the grass is always cut.  They do a good job and keep it short.  However,  that is not the best for training because whether the dogs are hunting or hunt testing, they are not doing it on cut grass.  The dogs need to be able to mark the birds and find them even though they may not be visible.  Right now the grass is the perfect height for what we wanted to train so we set up a triple in the tall grass.  We were using training dokkens because we did not have dead ducks.  We like the dokkens because they are close in size and weight to an actual duck and they are a larger than a bumper.

You can see from the pictures that the dogs needed to stick their entire head into the grass to dig out the bird.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Has He Head Down In The Grass
chesapeake bay retriever
Good Job Freighter

The dokkens were landing in a sea of grass.  There were not a lot of features for the dogs to use to find the birds.  They had to rely on their marking ability (watching and remembering where the dokken fell) and their noses.

chesapeake bay retrievers
Storm Found The Spot Where The Bird Landed
chesapeake bay retriever
Well Done Storm

Thunder as an old hunted dog loved this.  He had no trouble finding the dokkens.  He also lucked out because his mark ended up in some shorter grass, but he still needed to dig it out.

chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Is On The Bird
chesapeake bay retriever
Happy Thunder

The grass will be mowed throughout the season, but for right now the dogs had fun digging birds out of the tall grass.

7 thoughts on “Digging Birds Out Of The Tall Grass

  1. my dad said that’s a super idea to make training eggs-tra special… and I would love it too to work in tall grass… the mama said my dad is just to lazy to cut the lawn… think she is right lol

  2. My sisters prefer to track in the tall grass. They say it is easier to find a scent than on the mowed stuff.

  3. Tall grass is great for training the dogs really have to mark it well.

  4. Great pictures of happy Thunder. This post took me back to my quail hunting days and the fun of watching the dogs fetch the birds and bring them back. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. That’s so impressive! We had so much rain that it was impossible to mow our lawn and the grass got much taller than I’ve ever let it get before–Rye even lost her ball in it for a few seconds, but she did some searching and found it pretty quickly.

  6. What fun for them! You can always come train in our yard. The constant rain keeps the grass growing, with no time to mow in-between showers! LOL

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