Yesterday was Storm’s 10th birthday so we got out the party hats and we celebrated.

Storm was all smiles!

10th Birthday
It’s my 10th birthday and I’m celebrating.

I bought her a giant peanut butter cookie shaped like a cupcake.

chesapeake bay retriever 10th birthday
Storm says: “Let me at that cookie!”

After a couple of pictures, Storm dove in and ate every bite.

chesapeake bay retriever birthday cookie

Storm says that cookie was good, but when does hunting season start?  She is ready!

Happy 10th birthday to our independent girl Storm-HR Irish’s Great Lakes Nor’easter SH CGC WDX.

chesapeake bay retriever

7 thoughts on “Storm Celebrates Her 10th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday storm, many pets and biscuits to you.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Storm. Happy Birthday from all of us!

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