Since Freighter finished his Master Hunter title, I have to admit that we have not done much training.  We have been working on some projects around our house and our cabin that we had let slide because we spent much of our free time training.  But the dogs need exercise, especially our senior dogs.  Hunting season will be here before you know it and we need to keep them in condition.  Too many people take their dogs off the couch and into the field or the marsh without conditioning them, and that is when injuries can occur.  So this past Monday we headed out to an old ball field by our cabin so the dogs could do some retrieving.  There is nothing better than the joy of senior dogs retrieving on a July morning.

We did not have any equipment with us, just some bumpers so we threw them a series of three singles.  We went first thing in the morning.  It was a bright and sunny day so we knew as the day wore on it would be hot.  We wanted to be done well before the heat of the day kicked in.

Our senior dogs Thunder (11) and Storm (10) were so excited to get out.  They just love to retrieve.  You can see the joy on their faces.

chesapeake bay retriever
Thunder Headed For The Bumper
chesapeake bay retriever
Even At 11 Years Old, Thunder Still Pounces On The Bumpers
chesapeake bay retriever
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Is So Happy To Run
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Sliding In For The Retrieve
chesapeake bay retriever
Storm Heading Back With The Bumper

Of course Freighter came out to train too.  At 5 years old, he is not anywhere close to being a senior and was happy to get out for some retrieving.

chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter Flying By
chesapeake bay retriever
Freighter At The Bumper
chesapeake bay retriever
Happy Freighter

We wanted to run them through another series of singles, but a guy showed up to cut the grass.  This field is never used but of course the grass had to be cut right then.  The guy never said a word, just drove his mower onto the field.  I had to quickly gather my bumpers up and get off.  It was a bit odd.  Usually if we are training on a field and they need to mow, they usually say something.  Oh well at least the brown dawgs got in some exercise.

6 thoughts on “The Joy Of Senior Dogs Retrieving On A July Morning

  1. You can see it in their face and body language how much they love this. This is what we were meant to do (hunt) but bumpers are the next best thing. They are as good as they ever were just have to do a little less. Storm always is impressive:)

  2. It’s too bad you got cut short (some people can be odd, right?), but it looks like everyone had a great time while you were out there. It’s especially great when seniors still enjoy their usual activities so much….and they look great!

  3. Beware the lawnmower man! Do you have a different perspective now that you’re training isn’t geared towards hunt tests?

    1. To be honest we have been trying to get things done around here and have not spent much time training. We had several large projects on our list for this summer. When we train it is more for exercise and to condition them. We are hoping to maybe get out to the farm for some training soon but who knows. It has been a nice break but not really a break because we have been very busy doing other things.

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