Thursday Barks And Bytes–Tying Up Loose Ends Image
by | Feb 26.2015

Thursday Barks And Bytes–Tying Up Loose Ends

Canine Good Citizens Way back in 2009 Thunder and Storm took the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and passed.  At that time it was considered an “award” by the AKC.  They received a nice

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Longs And Shorts Image
by | Feb 23.2015

Longs And Shorts

For our Saturday training, the weather was pretty cold but thankfully not as cold as it has been and no wind.  The sky kept looking like it wanted to clear, but we had intermittent

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Wordless Wednesday–Pick Me! Image
by | Feb 11.2015

Wordless Wednesday–Pick Me!

This week Sand Spring Chesapeakes is sharing Valentine themed posts all week.  As part of the Valentine’s fun, Glory trying to pick who she wants to go on a date with and who will

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