Jodi Stone and Ben asked when we plan to let Freighter co-habitat with Thunder and Storm.  The short answer is probably never.  For the foreseeable future, we will never leave the three dogs out and unattended together.  We have Chessies […]

Fetch The Bumper!

Happy Friday!  There is another double-header hunt test this weekend, so GOOD LUCK to all of our training buddies!  Since there won’t be any formal training due to the test, we are going to bring Storm home for the weekend.  […]

Birthday Boy

Happy 5th Birthday Thunder! Thunder hanging out in our ever-present snow. Thunder got one of his favorite treats for his birthday.  A peanut butter filled bone! We did some training over the weekend.  I will post some of those pictures later in the […]

Training Abridged

The 2 brown dawgs went training this morning except that group training was canceled due to the weather.  It was a wintry mix of snow/rain, but at least it wasn’t too cold and the ground was not icy so we still […]

More Snow?

Image via Wikipedia   Just when you get your blog decked out in preparation for Spring Training, Old Man Winter slaps you up-side the head.  The 2 brown dawgs could barely work up excitement over yet another pile of snow!    

Stuck In The House

The 2 brown dawgs have had a lot of house time lately.  Normally they are outside in their kennels during the day. They have insulated dog houses, wind screens, and we clean the snow out, but when the temperatures dip to the […]

Flushing Grouse

Hunting season may be over, and the snow may be deep, but the 2 brown dawgs flushed three grouse in the yard up north.  They even flushed two of the birds simultaneously.  Perhaps the grouse are drawn to the feeders, or may be […]


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