Hamburger Hill

It wasn’t a particularly high hill.  More of a mound than a real hill, but it sure gave the dogs trouble at last weekend’s group training.  We ran several blinds over this hill from various directions.  It ate the dogs […]

It’s Showtime

Freighter was entered in two AKC conformation shows this past weekend.  On Saturday we were scheduled to be in the ring shortly after 8 am.  Nice and early.  Since we were going directly to field training after the show, we […]

Taking The Direct Route

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Saturday was another freezing cold training day.  It may have been freezing, but it was still a good training day. We worked on the dogs taking the most direct route to the marks.  We […]

Boys Of Summer?

The weather for training on Saturday was cold and windy…again!  To me it felt like the coldest training day so far.  Maybe it was because assorted weather people claimed that it would be a decent day.  Wrong.  Overcast, cold, and […]


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