It is hard to believe but Storm will be 8 years old on Thursday.

I asked Storm what she wanted for her birthday and she said anything to do with food.  She is a retriever through and through.

It's My Birthday And My Party
It’s My Birthday And My Party

Since it is summer, we decided that this year the theme for her party would be barbecue.  Come back on Thursday for pictures.

Storm also wanted to do something special for her readers in honor of her birthday so she is having a giveaway–Storm’s Big Birthday Giveaway!

Indigio Smokehouse Strips, Photo Real Squirrel Toy, Three Dog Bakery Oats & Apples Classic  Wafer Cookie
Indigo Smokehouse Bacon Strips, Photo Reel Squirrel Toy, Three Dog Bakery Oats & Apples Classic Wafer Cookie

For her giveaway Storm picked items keeping with her theme of barbecue:

  • Indigo Bacon Smokehouse Strips Dog Treats-made in the USA
  • Three Dog Bakery Classic Wafers Baked With Oats And Apples–natural Ingredients, Made in the USA
  • Photo Reel Squirrel Toy–plush toy

Storm wanted to make sure there was a meaty main course, a yummy dessert and something to play with.  She thought that many of her doggie pals might appreciate her choice of a squirrel.  She is sorry that it is only a plush toy and not the real thing!

We are keeping this giveaway simple.  All you have to do to enter is to leave a blog comment before midnight 6-29-15 and then fill out the required fields in the PromoSimple entry form.  Please note that you must enter your email address and your first name (so that I can contact you should you win).  The giveaway is open to US residents 18+ so please confirm this in the entry form as well.

27 thoughts on “Storm’s Big Birthday Giveaway

  1. What a fun give away — and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a BBQ!

  2. Dang! We were so hoping it was a real squirrel! On the other paw, your site would probably go down from all the action if it was a real squirrel! Have a great birthday week, Storm!

  3. Happy Happy Early Birthday Storm! Being 8 is fun! (I know, because I am eight!!) Not entering because I am overloaded with treats here, but I wish the best of luck to those who do enter! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Okay, Poppy
    will only take away a real squirrel that I have captured! So a fluffy one is all right. Perhaps I can use it as a decoy? Always thinking….Erynn

  5. Hi Y’all!

    Oh yummy, you made me hungry!

    Wish I was coming to celebrate with y’all! Yummy! BBQ. That’s really big this time of year here in the south, especially with the vinegar dressing…Are you going to have a whole roasted pig? There’d be LOTS for the Humans to share if you do!

    I’m still workin’ on my new home, Today I’m tryin’ some changes to the format. This will be my third change, although minor, since my move.

    Thank you if you have been giving me feedback. I would like to know how this layout is working for you personally.

    I appreciate hearing the pros and cons for you when I show y’all a new look.

    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. What a fantastic give away! We are looking forward to sharing your birthday with you on Thursday Storm!
    Wally & Sammy – who wish they lived in the U.S. of A

  7. Where does the time go? I can’t believe she will be eight already!

    It is very nice of Storm to have a giveaway for her birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday with gravy on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing Storm many happy years ahead.

  9. Phew….I thought I missed Storm’s actual birthday, but I see I didn’t! Happy Birthday, Storm! That squirrel toy looks pretty awesome, I can see any dog loving that!

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